Bill Gates Biography

Bill Gates Biography

I thought this blog could do with a brief look into Gates biography and character!

Bill Gates is hated and reviled by many and at the same time loved by many others. I guess this is the story of life and I wished my parents had told this to a little earlier on in my life. I had to figure out everything on my own and that is really too time consuming!

The number one thing to remember with the Microsoft founder is that his family was very wealthy (not as wealthy as Bill Gates of course, but still). His grandfather was an inventor too and so I guess this whole thing runs in the family. The other thing is that Gates was able to access a very advanced computer in his elite high school. It is all about having opportunities and being humble at the same time. This ran in the Gates family!

Bill Gates also made friends with some smart people like Paul Allen who was also very business-minded and competed greatly with Gates on writing code and other software expertise. There are so many aspects to Bill Gates that most people probably would not know.

When people think of Bill Gates, they usually think of the billions and the geeky stuff. But he was also very well read from anything from politics and government to being a marketing genius. Gates’ mom Mary was very well connected and knew a lot of powerful individuals. It was through his mom that Gates met the CEO of IBM!

The very important thing was that his parents taught him the value of money and hard work and this translated into his life. Even in Microsoft’s early days when the company was taking off, Gates had his eye on the bottom line and would often avoid flying first-class.

Gates was also a competitor to the core and many have described it as white hot intensity the way he goes about his business. I guess he also chose his wife wisely as well as Melinda Gates is not only considered a perfect match but also understands his business. She was an executive at Microsoft for a long period of time.

Bill Gates is not only my idol, but also such a unique individual who will go down in history as the most successful businessman of this era.