Microsoft is not on its last legs

Microsoft is not on its last legs

Microsoft is now working better with other companies and products.

There has been a widely held view that Microsoft is on its last legs, but it seems to have come back with some good moves being made by the tech giant in 2012. All this amid calls for Steve Ballmer to resign that were rampant all of last year. But these should soon subside as the stock price of Microsoft has been going up and analysts expect it to rise further. There is nothing like investors being bullish on a company’s stock price to show how great a company is doing.

Additionally, Microsoft is back to attracting top talent again after what appeared to be more and more people deciding to leave. James Whitaker is back in Redmond after his stint at Google. The other star hire is researcher and former professor of computer science at the University of Wisconsin at Madison Raghu Ramakrishnan.

The coming of Windows 8 that even the biggest skeptics of Microsoft would agree is one of the best operating systems with its compatibility with desktops, phones and tablets has helped in this change of perception of Microsoft. Microsoft has also come up with a deal with Nokia that will give its OS a much needed helping hand with the mobile applications market. It really needs to work on gaining back market share here as it is far behind the Apple iPhone and Android.

The other good thing with Microsoft now is that it is working better with other companies and products. Gone are the days when only Internet Explorer could be used in Windows. The tech giant is also doing its part in nurturing startups through its research center in Cambridge, Massachusetts called the New England Research and Development (NERD) center.