Microsoft Office Coming to iPad

Microsoft Office Coming to iPad

Leaked prototype suggests full mobile release


When sworn enemies join forces for the common good, the results can be greater than either of their individual efforts alone. Sometimes, you've just got to buck up and let the bad guy in in order to get anything done. Such seems to be the logic behind the latest major iPad software news: Microsoft Office will soon be arriving on Apple's flagship tablet

The mobile version of Office is said to be capable of everything the desktop variety can do. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint will all be bundled, and you'll be able to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from scratch. 

Microsoft seems to be hip to the fact that the iPad is rapidly becoming an essential business tool in many workplaces. While perhaps not the most powerful portable device on the market, its swiftness of use and intuitive interface has landed it all over the professional sphere, from accounting firms to admissions offices to hospitals. I even know people holding entry-level positions who have been granted an iPad for business use. As far as compact, widely-compatible computing goes, there's really no competitor. You're not going to be seeing the Playbook or Tab in the hands of the suits anytime soon. 

I am perhaps a little surprised that Office is taking the reins on portable productivity software, though. I'd think that the Google Docs suite might have filled that former void simply on the merits of its sharing features. If you're using the iPad for things like spreadsheets, chances are you're not going to want to make a spreadsheet that's only accessible from its point of origin. You're going to want to sync all your documents to all your devices at once, and possibly sync them to other people's devices, too. Unless Office comes with a sync and share feature that's just as streamlined as Google's, it's not going to have much to offer the worker on the go. 

While a correspondent at the Daily claims that he landed himself a prototype of the app, Microsoft itself is being a little cagey about the release. It looks like the app itself does in fact exist, but likely not in its final form. Microsoft has stated that they have not yet submitted a version of the app to Apple and that it probably won't be released in the next coming weeks like the Daily originally claimed. So while it sure seems to be in the works, we may need to wait a little while to get our hands on Office iOS.