Microsoft stock price rises after third-quarter Earnings Report

Microsoft stock price rises after third-quarter Earnings Report

The Earnings Report for Microsoft was out last evening and it revealed a better report than expected. The $17.41 billion revenue and third-quarter earnings of 60 cents per share was better than what most analysts expected of $17.16 billion revenue and 57 cents per share according to a poll by Thomson Reuters.

There should be a bigger spike in revenue for Microsoft due to the soon to be released Windows 8 and this is what the giant and its investors are hoping will get the Redmond, WA based software company back among the chatter on Wall Street. CEO Steve Ballmer is very optimistic about the quarter and it is not just because of Windows 8.

There will be more value given to customers as the next version of Microsoft Office is due to be out soon along with a plethora of products and services that will serve businesses and individual consumers well. Additionally, IT departments around the world have kept upgrading their hardware and this has contributed to a great boost in revenue for Windows.

The other thing that has been driving revenue for Microsoft is the Xbox 360 that is actually the bestselling console over the last year or so. In addition, to having a dominant position in the gaming industry, Microsoft is now sitting on $59.5 billion in cash. This is actually an increase from the $52.7 billion cash it had last year.

It all seems to be looking great for Microsoft. For more tech stock news and trends visit this blog. I think it is pretty good.