What has Bill Gates been up to?

What has Bill Gates been up to?

Updates on my favorite billionaire.

I have been an avid reader of Bill Gates’ blog. Gates has always been such a big inspiration to me and I share in his love for reading. Not that it is summer, there seems to be more time for Bill Gates to get some extra reading. Gates is known to be a really fast reader who will read anything from health to science to global development which he is particularly involved in these days.

To show how big he is on reading, there is actually another post on summer reading on his blog. I guess reading is what great leaders do and they seem to be doing it all the time.

But getting back to global development, Gates had some comments about G20-style global development. The thing that Gates stresses the most is that it is coming up with new ideas that address healthcare in the developing world that is most important. Money is not as important as innovation and the people who manage the aid to the poorer countries.

Gates is very optimistic about Sub-Saharan Africa and hopes that the GDP of the region will double in the next decade. Gates has urged Diaspora communities to contribute by putting their money in bonds for infrastructure in low-income countries.

It is remarkable how many lives have been saved by the new vaccines that have been discovered. The developing world has actually seen a lot of improvement with the reduction of poverty rates and the GDPs of these countries rising fast. You can read more about Bill Gates’ comments here.