Windows 8

Windows 8

What's new with Microsoft

Windows 8 is the latest operating system and Microsoft is giving consumers a chance to upgrade to Windows 8 for as little as $15. But Windows 8 will not be available for you until the end of October of this year. The timing of this was decided so that it coincides with the holiday shopping season!

With the coming of Windows 8, Microsoft is looking to step up its game and look to compete with Apple, Amazon and Samsung by introducing its own tablet that will be similar to the iPad and the Nexus 7 by Google.

There is actually a comprehensive review of Windows 8 and the services it offers over on Time’s Techland. I think it is a good place for you to keep updated on the latest gadget and get some ideas on what would be good buys in the tech world.

I know that the move from Windows Vista to Windows 7 was great, but in terms of how I felt I really did not see much difference in the services that were offered. I really hope that Windows 8 promises to be better and a lot of analysts at investment firms have stated that this new operating system is probably the best ever and will see a sharp increase in Microsoft’s stock price.

Microsoft’s stock price has been pretty steady throughout the year by ranging anywhere from $28 to $35. Windows 8 and the tablet that the Redmont, Washington based tech giant hopes to delight customers should see more value for Microsoft’s investors.